Thursday, February 9, 2012

Avionics in Abundance - Military & Aerospace Electronics

By Howard Stern 2/8/12

My small Company, with a compatible CHEMICAL Process Engineering Firm.and MY technology and systems, will produce #16,000,000 pounds on a demo project with very high energy POWDERED dry ALGAE in a updated plant. I am planning at least thirty of these units throughout the U.S.with participating PARTNER(s)
(Why are we be confident of above calculations?) We were the pioneers in completing valuable and expensive tests on chemical components, along with ANIMAL feed testing on different levels for safety, Low Price,and the capability to produce these wafers on a large scale, Storage will no longer Problem for these compressed tablets. And since these tablets serve as a catalyst, small amounts will go a long way.

To my surprise, Cornell University announced in January 2012 that they were going to test ALGAE as food concentrate and testing animal feed
" [Is CORNELL trying to "reinvent the Typewriter in the mountains of ??]"
Perhaps they should be told that this work has been completed by accredited professional teams Decades ago and could save millions in funding to duplicate a total study at this time. [ I've been there, done that three Decades ago]

NEW DEVELOPMENTS, have been reported by Science News Letter in the later part of 2011, that new studies have taken place in the Laboratories of Swiss and U.S. Government, to CREATE DIRECT HYDROGEN: From WATER, ALGAE (protein?) WAFERS as catalyst, to produce HYDROGEN, to electric energy via fuel-cell. The directly produced HYDROGEN will provide a much safer fuel because it does not require dangerously high pressures (7,000+ PSI) to the electric driven VEHICLES.

My current interest is to find an organization interested in creating FUEL to HYDROGEN for Automotive and Aviation fuels and from residues,new valuable Pharmaceutical raw ingredients.

In the interim, prior to the Hydrogen operations become accepted, the military operations for Drones, etc, the powdered ALGAE can be utilized by the DoD at prices well below $4- per dry pound. (can be reconstituted) Since the A/F has tested and proven the dry algae powder by combat Aircraft, helicopters and commercial Aircraft, [ after testing powdered coal] The powdered ALGAE PROVED SUPERIOR IN THRUST and environmentally suitable. Testing on trucks and military vehicles would be next objective. Howard Stern,Pres
sugarLand Texas

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Low Cost JET FUEL Technology

by sternh
A Revolutionary Low Cost Aviation Fuel with Massive Production Capacities for J.V.or Partnering

We are a small company with a realistic annual potential of a Billion+ Dollar Business with Systems and Technology and most importantly our experimentation is behind us and only updates are required.

We are also at least 10 years ahead of the "PACK" in inexpensive Powdered Algae Aviation Fuel Technology in the U.S. and worldwide.

To date, unfortunately, billions have already been spent by DOD and private investors to develop high quality algae product with promise of great results, and 5+ years later the public is still waiting for commercial production.

It seems that the key is producing a good Quality Product; Large Enough Quantities to make a difference on a National basis; Inexpensive; Competitive; and sufficiently profitable to make the projects worth pursuing.

So far, less than a handful of exceptional companies have managed to produce limited finished product; at very high cost; and with limited opportunity to be competitive in the near or long term future.

My Question: Do we, as a country, have the luxury of waiting for many of the "Contestants" (many of whom are embracing techniques utilized for more than fifty years throughout the world) for perhaps another ten years without commercial success or with all the hype show limited results?

Our project did take THREE(3+) DECADES to develop, and at great expense. We started experimenting many years before anyone in this country seriously considered mass production for commercial use.

Not one Company, in the USA is at a level that can produce Powdered Aviation Fuel on a commercial level.

Our goal is to concentrate on our updates, conducted by a large Chemical Process Engineering Firm to prepare an EPC package with my assistance and start production within the time frame outlined in the next paragraph.

PLEASE NOTE: We are at the UPDATE stage and no longer EXPERIMENTAL. Most important is that after the second year of start up, we feel confident that our operations will be self sustaining for most expansions throughout the US.

We have the technology and systems to provide as much as 16,000,000 Mil. Pounds with the first project in 15 months and  2 BILLION Pounds by the sixth year.
(dry powdered fuel can be reconstituted into liquid fuel.)

I have contacted DARPA for funding and others relating to potential J.V. to find a partner major corporation that can expand quickly on a international basis, with deep pockets, desire for high profit, and an interest in Powdered Renewable Fuel and in Distribution of valuable food/feed concentrates for pharmaceutical use, worldwide. Sugar Land, Texas